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Loaded Dervish Sama Flex 3 42.8" Longboard Complete

Loaded Dervish Sama Flex 3 42.8" Longboard Complete

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Drop-through carving bliss for all riders of all-abilities, the Loaded Dervish Sama shines with quality and performance with the V1 graphic, for sometimes you like the original!

Designed as an intuitive carving and pumping board, the Dervish Sama longboard is low and easy to ride for both the first-time skater looking to cruise around town and the experienced rider seeking a soulful, snowboard-inspired ride and the ability to explore longboard dancing and freestyle

The bamboo and fiberglass construction provides a lively and energetic response perfect for hard carving and pumping. The drop-through truck mounting provides for stability and easier pushing and the large cut-outs maximize wheel clearance for deep carves and tight turns. Nose and tail kicks open the door for dancing and freestyle trickery and help navigate city streets

Complete board features:
- Loaded Dervish Flex 3 Deck with grip

Length: 42.8”
Width: 9.0”
Wheelbase: 31.5”
Flex 3: 35-68+ kg (75-150+ lbs)