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Loon Black Drops - 4 comp (weights)
Loon Black Drops - 4 comp (weights)
Loon Black Drops - 4 comp (weights)

Loon Black Drops - 4 comp (weights)

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These non-toxic, tin weights are coated with a durable matte finish that both adds to longevity and keeps the weight from sliding on the line.

The subtle mottled texture won’t scare spooky fish the way that glossy weights will. The double-cut design makes these weights easily adjustable and truly re-usable, as they don’t require a special tool to open them and remove them from the leader.


  • Non-gloss matte black coating
  • Textured finish to prevent slipping
  • Double cut for easy re-use and adjustment
  • Easy to use twist dispenser


    Loon Black Drops
    Item Code Size
    Big Water LOT BD-F7132 SSG,BB,SA,AAA
    Skinny Water LOT BD-F7133 BB,1,4,6

    Directions for use:
    Choose your desired size (weight) and attach to your leader by squeezing with forceps. To remove and/or move to a different position on your leader squeeze the backside of the DROPS with your forceps, move or put back into the container.