MJM Wheels - Full Suspension Mountain E-Bike (MT20)

MJM Wheels - Full Suspension Mountain E-Bike (MT20)

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IN-STOCK! Our rugged and capable full-suspension E-Bike. This bike is truly a mountaineer, nimble enough to help you negotiate your way down the toughest terrain, but built with enough power to help you back up again.

Say goodbye to walking your bike up the most challenging parts of the trail, and with up to 93km of range in the battery, chances are you'll quit before this bike will.


Aluminum 6061 Frame

  • 48v 500w Hub Motor
  • Battery 17.5 ah = 840WH
  • 27.5 X 2.1" Tires
  • Waterproof LCD Display
  • Front and rear suspension
  • 75-93 km range on one charge!
  • Lights, fenders, and rear rack all included