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Our Purpose

Here at Rollick Co. we are very fortunate to live and work in one of the most pristine places on earth, the Alberta foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. That’s why we strive to protect and improve it, while offering quality gear and suitable guidance - whether on two wheels or two feet - to get you outside to explore the natural world on our doorstep, while leaving the best possible trace.

We are driven by our deep respect for the natural world, and our passion for outdoor adventure, sustainable tourism and conservation. We believe that nature should be accessible for all, not intimidating - no matter the level of experience.

For some, time in nature means visiting a local park with family, going for a bike ride on a paved path, or camping at a nearby campground. For others it’s reaching the summit of a rocky crag, riding 100km on two wheels, or spending days exploring the backcountry by horse, foot or skis.

No matter the choice, it’s well-proven that being out in the elements leads to increased physical, emotional and spiritual well-being - and doing so responsibly just feels good.

With this in mind, all products we create here at Rollick Co., and company's whose gear we stock (whether made in Alberta or from away), aim to align with our sustainability values, doing everything possible to decrease our impact on this planet, supporting the local community we call home.

We recognize that we're a work in progress. We hope you'll follow along as Rollick Co. continues to evolve.